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When the robot is injected, it needs to pay attention to the following two points: time and raw materials

Release time:21-06-21

Nowadays, people don’t have time to clean, so families with conditions will buy sweeper robots. Purchasing them can liberate their hands and improve efficiency. Therefore, there is a good market for the cleaning robots. Most of the shell of the sweeper robot is finished by injection molding. What should be paid attention to for the injection molding of sweeping robot?


1、 Injection time

In the process of injection molding, if the time is too long, if it does not fall off in time after injection molding, the shape of the sweeping robot may stick to the injection mold. Therefore, attention should be paid to the time when injection molding, and it should not fall off too soon or too long.


Because in the process of injection molding, some fluid does not reach the parts of the sweeping robot, if it falls off too early, some parts may not fall off in time, so it is not recommended to drop off the model too early.


2、 Injection molding material

Some materials are not suitable for injection molding, and some floor sweeping robots use thermosetting materials for injection molding, but some materials use foam materials for injection molding. Although the price of foam plastics is low, the foam materials can not be used for injection molding at all.


Therefore, when using injection molding, we also pay attention to raw materials. Not all raw materials can be injected. If you want to know which materials can be injected, you can query the material standard for injection molding. There will be applicable materials for injection molding.


In general, the robot needs to pay attention to the injection time, control the injection time, and do not remove the model too early or too late. When using the injection material, it depends on whether the material can be injected, rather than whether the material can be used on the robot.


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