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What are the characteristics of floor sweeping robots?

Release time:21-06-11

Sweeping robot is a new type of floor and carpet cleaning appliance designed for modern home environment. It uses rechargeable battery as power supply and integrates cleaning and dust collection functions. It is suitable for office building, meeting room, family and other places. So, do you know the performance characteristics of the floor sweeping robot? Next, follow Xiaobian to understand clearly.

1. Through the high-speed rotation of the motor, a vacuum is formed in the host, and the garbage is sucked from the suction port by using the high-speed air flow. At this time, the air velocity is as high as 240 revolutions per hour, lice and other pests enter the host and die due to high-speed impact on the inner wall of the vacuum tube.


2. The garbage inhaled into the sweeper is stored in the bag machine, and the air purified by the filter is discharged from the sweeper while cooling the motor.


3. The motor is the heart of the sweeper, and its performance directly affects the reliability of the sweeper. In addition, the motors used in sweepers rotate between 20000 and 40000 revolutions per minute. The motor speed of the electric fan is about 1800 ~ 3600 rpm, which shows how high the motor speed of the sweeper is.

4. The correct expression of the performance of the sweeper is not the input power wattage or the amperage, but the output power suction.


5. The suction depends on the resultant force of wind and vacuum force, but these two factors have opposite characteristics. In other words, when the wind force is strong, the vacuum force becomes weak, and when the vacuum force is strong, the wind force becomes weak. The maximum value of the resultant force of the two represents the suction of the sweeper’s capacity, and the suction is expressed in watts (W). This definition is the international standard of sweeper performance stipulated by ISO, which has been recognized all over the world.

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